1. Chimpanzee movie! So beautiful…
  2. These feet were made for walking - ArtAwake 2012, Rochester, NY
  3. Kilbourn Hall at Eastman Theater, Rochester, NY
  4. Temple in Rush, NY
  5. Mmm..Wegmans ;-)
  6. Drum Circle, Rochester, NY
  7. Mary Jemison memorial at Letchworth State Park, NY
  8. Iroquois Wildlife Refuge, NY
  9. Bar Harbor, ME
  10. Sock puppy
  11. View toward Naples, NY from Jerome’s U-Pick
  12. Henry David Thoreau’s cabin in Walden Woods, overlooking Walden Pond, Lexington, CT
  13. Graffiti in the old Rochester aqueduct/subway tunnel
  14. Genesee Country Village & Museum, NY
  15. Mary Jemison Erie Canal Boat, Rochester, NY
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